To provide young athletes a foundation in the sport of volleyball and to develop life skills that can be applied both on and off the court. The San Antonio Xtreme Volleyball Club offers an extraordinary opportunity to be part of a nationally recognized organization built on a universal love for the sport of volleyball. Our coaching staff helps players understand the true meaning of TEAM, leadership and commitment. This promotes not only a competitive attitude, but fosters excellent communication and problem-solving skills. Above all, this discipline allows our athletes to become individually and collectively their best self.



We're glad you asked! Not only do SA Xtreme teams compete at the national level, but our tryout process allows us to select the best volleyball athletes within Central Texas. We guide our players on their unique journey toward success. Whether it’s a prosperous club career, school championship, playing at the collegiate or professional level, SA Xtreme thrives when an athlete excels at their goal. Here's a few more aspects that set SA Xtreme apart from the rest:

Experienced Coaching:
SA Xtreme coaching staff includes former collegiate players as well as experienced high school and junior high coaches. Every coach is vetted to ensure a high standard of excellence across the board. We consistently aim to bring a fresh, modern perspective all while sustaining the club’s core values. This interconnected method benefits players by creating a strong foundation and cohesive process.

Fitness Training, Camps and Clinics:
Throughout the club season all players will have strength and conditioning sessions given by certified trainers. Our programming focuses on improving speed, agility, vertical, and balance. We periodically offer specialized volleyball clinics in addition to summer camps and pre-season gameplay opportunities.

A Volleyball Family:
When you join the SA Xtreme Volleyball Club you become part of a community centered around commitment, respect and a universal love for volleyball. We work together to keep the volleyball spirit alive and to train athletes to be well rounded individuals.

Character Building:
In addition to practices and tournaments, all SA Xtreme teams in every age group participate in bonding activities/events outside of volleyball. This strengthens the chemistry between players and coaches while also building team unity. When players know each other at an intimate level, their able to communicate more effectively both on and off the court.

College Recruiting:
We are Xtremely proud of the fact that numerous SA Xtreme athletes have earned scholarships to continue playing volleyball at the collegiate level. It is a privilege only few experience, but can be made possible with our resources and outstanding recruiting network.

SA Xtreme players who've continued their volleyball career at the collegiate level →


We believe in fostering a wholesome, competitive edge in the sport of volleyball. SA Xtreme teaches not only how to maintain healthy sportsmanship, but consistently reminds athletes of their love for the game.



2019 - ATX Showcase (Open Div.) - 1st Place (13U)
2019 - Tour of TX Qualifier - 1st Place (13U)
2018 - USAV Nationals - 13th Place (12U)
2018 - USAV Nationals - 27th Place (11U)
2018 - Lone Star Regionals - 2nd Place (12U)
2018 - Lone Star Regionals - 2nd Place (11U)
2018 - Lone Star Classic - 9th Place (12U)
2018 - Tour of Texas - 1st Place (12U)
2018 - Colorado Crossroads - 5th Place (12U)
2018 - ATX Showcase - 1st Place (12U) 

2017 - 3rd Degree Tournament - 2nd Place (16U)
2017 - Lone Star Regionals - 2nd Place (11U)
2017 - Cross Court Classic - 2nd Place (11U)
2016 - Lone Star Regionals - 3rd Place (11U)
2016 - Lone Star Classic - 11th Place (11U)
2016 - Open Season - 3rd Place (14U)
2016 - New Year Classic - 2nd Place (17U)
2016 - Volleyball Express - 1st Place (11U)
2015 - Young Guns Challenge - 2nd Place (11U)
2015 - Texas Eclipse - 2nd Place (18U)

2015 - Volleyball Express - 1st Place (16U)
2012 - Stay In Texas - 4th Place (18 Mizuno)
2012 - Cross Court Challenge - 9th Place (18 Mizuno)
2011 - Lone Star Classic - 5th Place (17 Mizuno)
2010 - ATX Showcase - 3rd Place (16 Mizuno)
2010 - Lone Star Classic - 4th Place (16 Mizuno)
2009 - TX Champion Series - 5th Place (15 Mizuno)
2009 - USAV Nationals - 3rd Place (15 Mizuno)
2009 - Lone Star Classic - 1st Place (15 Mizuno)
2009 - Colorado Crossroads - 3rd Place (15 Mizuno)



Club Director: Maggie Lakata
[email protected] 
Phone: 210-849-1597


©2019 San Antonio Xtreme Volleyball Club. All Rights Reserved.

©2019 San Antonio Xtreme Volleyball Club. All Rights Reserved.