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SA Xtreme Kiss My Ace Tournament 11u

Final Results

Saturday, February 5, 2022

8:00 am


7:00 pm


Tournament Entry Fee for Teams: $135

Clubs & Club Directors:

  • 16 teams max - 2 waves (AM and PM pool)
  • Deadline to enter is 14 days prior to tournament, January 23, 2022
  • $135 entry fee per team
  • Entry fee is NON-REFUNDABLE

Check you rosters! The Region will not accept your team until all rosters are verified.  You can register on our site and pay entry fee. The roster does not have to be complete to enter a tournament, but must at least contain the Club Director's name. Completed rosters are required 7 days in advance of the tournament. UNACCEPTABLE roster entries include spreadsheets, rosters with multiple dates, AES rosters, or your own club created forms.

Payment must be made in one check per tournament payable to:  

SA Xtreme Volleyball
305 Meadowbrook Dr.
San Antonio, TX 78232

Parents, Guardians & Spectators:


Be prepared to possibly have temperatures taken at door. Do not forget a mask! If at all possible, please try and limit to 2 parent/guardian per player.



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Registered Teams So Far, Feb. 5,2022
  1. Alamo 11 Premier, paid
  2. Bulverde VB 11 Royal, paid
  3. STVA 11 Navy, paid
  4. SA Lightning 112, paid
  5. KC Vipers 111 Black, paid
  6. KC Vipers 112 Green, Paid
  7. CYDI 11 Red, paid
  8. WGVBA 11-1, paid
  9. HC Flow 11u, paid
  10. Columbus Classics 11u
  11. SA Magic 11 Gold, paid